Specialty Tracks

Residency Specialty Tracks

All pending funding sustainability and approval of program director and faculty mentor.


For residents interested in pursuing a career in research or improving their understanding of research methodology.

When: 1-2 month in PGY 2; PGY 4


Skilled experts in the field (including Drs. Stephen Stahl and Dr. Jami Woods) will work 1:1 with residents who wish to develop a deeper understanding and command of psychopharmacology by experts in the field.

When: 1-2 month in PGY 2; PGY 4


Enhancing psychotherapy skills and expanding knowledge and practice base in different psychotherapeutic modalities.

When: PGY 1-3 Wednesdays from 4-5 (via telepsychiatry) and PGY 4


Provides extensive exposure for those interested in pursuing a career working in pediatric psychiatry.

When: Peds primary care PGY-1 year and RUHS Unit D in PGY 1 or 2; PGY 2 option to increase child rotation to 3 mo and 1/2 day at RUHS clinic in PGY 3

Health Disparities

Given the School of Medicine’s new Healthcare Disparities Research Center and U54 grant, residents have an opportunity to explore a variety of research topics including community based participatory research with faculty in psychiatry, biomed and SMPPH.

When: PGY 3 for 1/2 day/wk AND PGY 4


Work with a collaborative, integrative, multi-disciplinary program to enhance mental wellness in athletes throughout Southern California, including student-athletes here at UC Riverside. Potential weeknights or weekends may be involved.

When: 1-2 month in PGY 2; PGY 4


An opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of stuttering and to work directly with the Chair of the National Stuttering Association and stuttering expert, Dr. Gerald Maguire.

When: 1-2 mo in PGY 2; PGY 4


Residents interested in developing a deeper understanding of caring for the LGBTQIA+ community can work directly with excellent faculty members committed to teaching LGBTQIA+ awareness and best practices. Also an opportunity to work with the Desert Aids Project.

When: 1-2 mo in PGY 2; PGY 4


The VA Long Beach offers a mini-fellowship for addiction psychiatry 2 full d/wk doing suboxone. Open to anyone. Very intensive training. Do inductions, many go on to work in addictions afterward, good for those interested but not wanting to do a full fellowship. VA is open to two per year.

When: PGY 4 year

Interventional Psychiatry:

Interventional psychiatry is an emerging subspecialty that utilizes neurotechnologies to identify dysfunctional brain circuitry underlying psychiatric disorders and apply brain stimulation techniques to modulate that circuitry. Residents learn more about and have the opportunity to utilize: transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy, deep brain stimulation and more.

When: PGY 4 year